Policy for the protection of personal information

Shinsho Corporation (“the Corporation”) fully understands the inherent responsibility to properly protect personal information of all persons including customers and suppliers who provide personal information to the Corporation (“the person”). To that end, the Corporation will handle personal information according to the policies as stated below.

  1. The Corporation complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and in accordance with generally accepted practices for the handling of personal information. The Corporation will also make efforts to improve the handling of such information as necessary.
  2. The Corporation ensures the regulations concerning the handling of personal information to be clear, and makes all of our employees fully understand them. The Corporation also gives supervision to commissioned vendors concerning the handling of this information as appropriate and when necessary.
  3. When handling personal information, the Corporation will specify the purpose for its use and then notify or make a public announcement of it. We will handle the information according to the stated purpose of use.
  4. The Corporation will take necessary measures and properly manage information to prevent the leakage, loss or fabrication of personal information.
  5. Requests for the disclosure, amendment, deletion or suspension of use of personal information held by the Corporation will be accepted at a specified contact point and the Corporation will respond sincerely to such requests.

Purpose for the use of personal information

When conducting its business, the Corporation will use personal information that is acquired in a proper and lawful manner for purposes listed below as necessary.

  1. To promote and provide products and services
  2. To develop products and services
  3. To purchase raw materials, goods and services
  4. To respond to inquiries from persons

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

Except for when providing information to a commissioned vendor or when any of the following apply, the Corporation will not provide any personal data to a third party.

  1. If there is consent from the person involved
  2. In case of disclosure or provision as a form of statistical data and so on, by which the person cannot be identified
  3. If a demand for disclosure or provision is required by laws and regulations
  4. Where the provision is required to protect the life, health, or property of an individual and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  5. When it is required to cooperate with a governmental or local authority for the purpose of accomplishing public affairs and where obtaining the consent of the person carries the risk of hindering the accomplishment of such public affairs
  6. Where sharing personal data with a specified party and the item of personal data for shared use, the scope of the party that will share use and the party responsible for supervising the purpose of use of such data is notified or announced to the person in advance.


When the person to whom the personal information relates requests the disclosure of his or her personal information held by the Corporation, the Corporation will respond to such requests within a reasonable scope and period of time after confirming the person’s identification.

Amendment and deletion

When the person makes a request for amendment, addition or deletion of his or her personal information held by the Corporation, the Corporation will take appropriate action within a reasonable scope and period of time after confirming the persons identification and that the contents of the data on hand differ from the actual facts.

Suspension of use or elimination

When the person makes a request for the Corporation to suspend the use of or eliminate his or her personal information held by the Corporation, the Corporation will take appropriate action within a reasonable period of time and scope after confirming the person's identification. If use of a portion or all of this data is suspended or said data is eliminated there could be cases where the Corporation would not be able to provide services as desired by the person concerned. We hope for your understanding and cooperation regarding this point. (Please note that when information is being held in accordance with relevant laws and regulations there are cases in which the Corporation would not able to respond to requests for the suspension of use or elimination of said information).

Disclosure contact point

Requests and inquiries concerning personal information held by the Corporation and items 4, 5 and 6 listed above can be made to the contact point described below.

Contact point

Inquiries can be made at the contact point that was notified when personal information was provided to the Corporation or if a sales transaction was made inquiries can be made at the point of sales. Details concerning the procedures and applicable fees for confirming a person’s identity will be provided when an inquiry is made. If you are not sure which contact point is applicable in your case, please make your inquiries to the contact point below.

Inquiries about contact points

Shinsho Corporation, Credit & Legal Department

Phone: (+81)3-3276-2052

Facsimile: (+81)3-3276-2311