What is MSEG?

Outstanding high efficiency steam generator made possible with a screw.
A compact model, difficult to realize with an axial flow turbine, is realized with a positive displacement type screw!
A high efficiency 1.5-times higher than the axial flow type is realized with the same steam conditions.

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Steam is commonly used as a typical heating source, but the excessive steam is often released into the atmosphere instead of being used effectively. Even when steam is used in various production processes, the steam pressure is suppressed with a reducing value, so the energy from pressure reducing is not used effectively.

To effectively utilize this unused steam, Kobe Steel combined their screw compressor technology and inverter control technology to produce a screw type steam generator with world's highest level of power generation in 2007.
The steam generator has undergone a model change incorporating the various achievements attained since its release. In addition to steam generation using renewable energy, power can be generated with excessive steam, and by using as an alternate for the pre-process pressure reduction valve.